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Christine Bowen | About
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Christine Bowen’s paintings grow directly from her experience of living and working in Kenmare, Co. Kerry, situated in a breathtakingly scenic part of this island. What sets her apart from so many other artists who are drawn to this area is her resistance to cliché. She avoids the panoramic landscape, preferring to distil a ‘sense of place’ by focusing on more intimate subjects – a swarm of bees, a stray sheep, the glimmer of fish below the surface of the water, treating these with refreshing originality.

One important but often overlooked aspect of this artist’s work is that she knows when to stop. There’s always a sense of immediacy, of spontaneity, often with traces of the original drawing still visible. She doesn’t work a painting to death, which is rarer than you might think. For example, her

hares still have life in them, often captured in a few simple linear gestures. She might add some body colour to drawings but feels no compulsion to fill in every space. Bowen has a real feel for paint and manages to orchestrate a range of textures in a single painting. One part might be initial drawing, another built up of airy transparent layers, some areas incised while others culminate in think juicy impasto.